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Patient Anecdotes

To date, the impact of the AFP Fellows has been quite exciting. Below are just a couple of stories we'd like to share with you to give you a glimpse into that impact:

Anecdote #1

Dr. Ma and a Fellow were having a quick meeting in the Rehab waiting room when a patient passed them in a wheelchair. As the Fellow looked up, the patient recognized Dr. Ma and the Fellow.

She said, "I know you. You’re the one with the needles. It was so good last week! I could feel all the electricity in my leg when I got home. And I never felt anything there before!" She motioned the length of her leg and said, "It really helped. I have hope."

Anecdote #2

A female patient in her late thirties presented with chronic pain and stiffness in her right knee. After her first treatment, she felt very relaxed, her pain had decreased by 80%, and she was able to walk better. The patient was so amazed that she was eager to make her next appointment.

After her second treatment, the remaining pain in her right knee was gone. She came back the following week for a third treatment. This time she had acute left knee pain while the right knee remained pain-free. After the treatment, the pain in her left knee had decreased by 90%.