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An Introduction to the AFP

The Acupuncture Fellowship Program (AFP) offers acupuncturists a unique opportunity for integrated, hospital-based clinical training and operates within a hospitalís medical department.

In general, the Acupuncture Fellowship Program has three main objectives:

  • To further patient recovery, to provide symptom management, or to improve patient quality of life;
  • To complement a medical center's service offering; and
  • To provide licensed acupuncturists with post-graduate training integrated within a hospital.

As a team member in a hospital's medical department, selected acupuncturists known as Acupuncture Fellows or simply Fellows contribute to patient care plans alongside physicians, nurses, and other care team members. Fellows conduct Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physical assessments, diagnose, review, and contribute to patient charts, develop TCM treatment protocols, and deliver acupuncture to complement Western medicine.

The Fellows must be New York State licensed acupuncturists who have received their acupuncture or Chinese medicine degrees, who have relevant clinical experience, and who are selected in our competitive application process. One of the Fellows from each program day is selected as the Chief Fellow.