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Fellow Testimonials

"In a short amount of time, the CMSF program has proven to be invaluable to me as a complementary care practitioner. The experience I have gained honed my skills as an acupuncturist and has allowed me to enhance my own practice. Having access to Dr. Ma and his protocols is priceless.

I have spent a lot of money on alternative medicine education and this program has--by far--been the most worthwhile. In fact, I've gotten more than I expected from it. My confidence with patients has increased and I now am able to get patients better faster.

I am really excited to be at the leading edge of a major change in the acceptance of acupuncture by the medical community."

- Catherine, Fellow

"I think that AFP was one of the best investments in my education and private practice I have ever made.

The reasons are evident in my treatment approach, patient results, patient’s referrals, and medical doctor’s referrals. Since I started applying Dr. Ma's treatment protocols to my private practice, I have seen rapid recovery and sustained improvements of patients with conditions such as chronic back and neck pain, neuropathy, spastic paralysis, muscle flaccidity, and many more.

The AFP training takes place in a busy metropolitan hospital, in a clinic setting where fellows treat patients schedule on the half hour. The atmosphere is hectic from 9am to 4pm. At 4pm there is an hour of reviewing patient cases, and treatment protocols. There is always something new to discover in patient care.

The AFP is a very important step for Acupuncturists, whether they’re a recent graduate with limited clinical experience or many years in practice. This program provides valuable clinical exposure to patients that might not have access or knowledge of the benefits of Acupuncture. It establishes a cooperative working environment with medical doctors and traditional Chinese medical practitioners in the treatment musculoskeletal disorders.

The AFP is paving the way for the integration of two wonderful medicines in this country. And I am so happy to be apart of it!"

- Rita, Fellow

"The thing I have enjoyed the most about the AFP has been learning from Dr Ma. I’ve also enjoyed working with the great hospital staff. As a Fellow, I have learned to reduce inflammation, increase range of motion in both post-surgery patients and stroke victims, while significantly helping patients with pain management. Experiencing all this in a hospital setting and working side-by-side with hospital staff has been a wonderful experience.

There’s no need to go to China anymore! Dr Ma brings all his expertise and protocols to us and the patients. We have all learned how to approach patient pain and stiffness by using Dr. Ma’s techniques. His information has become an invaluable resource in my clinic.

The Fellows’ schedule in the hospital starts with 30 minutes of setup followed by three hours of intense patient scheduling. After a one hour lunch, we continue to treat patients for another three hours, while Dr Ma observes and guides us. We end our day by reviewing patient treatments and a one hour lecture by Dr. Ma. The Fellows rotate between working on the inpatient floor with the hospital staff and treating outpatient clients.

The AFP training has changed my career: I am currently applying for a position in another hospital, and the knowledge and experience I’ve gained through the AFP have been invaluable. The quality of the learning and exposure this Fellowship has to offer greatly offset the fee and time that you invest into the program.

Good luck and have fun!"

- Freddy, Fellow