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AFP Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program unique?
While there are many acupuncture schools and continuing education programs in the United States, there are few programs that integrate acupuncture into a formalized Western medical setting. We are unaware of any other program that offers acupuncture integrated into an inpatient setting and professional training for licensed acupuncturists in New York State.

The Acupuncture Fellowship Program is unique: It lays the groundwork for the exciting development of a U.S. health care model that weaves Eastern medicine into the fabric of the Western medical system.

What are the benefits to participating in the Acupuncture Fellowship Program?
Fellows will experience and complete an intense educational program that will give them a substantial and diversified experience base in several of a hospital's clinical departments such as Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine. They will improve the health and well-being of many patients. Fellows will also meaningfully contribute to the effort of integrating TCM within the Western medical system thereby furthering the entire TCM profession.

In summary, this experience will develop a valuable foundation on which to pursue future career opportunities.

What happens upon completion of the Acupuncture Fellowship Program?
Upon successful completion, AFP fellows will be granted:

  • A Certificate of Completion of the Acupuncture Fellowship Program for Advanced Training in Acupuncture Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine;
  • 30 NCCAOM accredited continuing education units (CEUs).