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Why Volunteer?
Welcome to the Chinese Medical Science Foundation.

Through our work, CMSF hopes to bring the power of acupuncture to as many patients as possible and to improve the educational and professional opportunities available to acupuncturists nationwide.

If you believe you have a skill or an expertise that could help us achieve our goals and are able to volunteer your time, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest!

We are currently looking for people with experience or expertise in the following areas:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Event Coordination
  • Administrative Support
  • Development & Fundraising

Volunteer sign-up form
If you are ready to volunteer, please complete the following form and someone from our organization will contact you.

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Who are you? Hospital administrator Physician Policy-maker
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What are you interested in? Becoming a Fellow Bringing the AFP to your organization Bringing research to your organization
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