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Our Mission

The Chinese Medical Science Foundation (CMSF) strives to integrate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) within Western medical facilities, teams, and modalities.

CMSF's mission is to develop hospital-based, acupuncture training and research programs. CMSF funds and sponsors:

  1. Clinical research that meets modern scientific research standards in order to further validate Chinese medicine as a safe and effective medical system;
  2. Education and training programs that prepare acupuncturists to work in a hospital environment while providing medical facilities acupuncture clinical capacity.

Our Vision

In the near future, TCM will not only be considered a safe and effective medical system in the mainstream world, but also a cost-effective alternative to many Western medical modalities. When this happens, changes will unfold in the existing healthcare landscape.

Medical centers will integrate elements of TCM such as acupuncture into their clinical departments and practices. The benefits of acupuncture will be further demonstrated in terms of both clinical efficacy as well as cost efficiency. Patients will expect acupuncture to be part of their healthcare.

Moreover, health insurance companies will increasingly reimburse and promote TCM and other complementary medicines not only because of consumer demand, but also because they will identify these modalities as cost-effective alternatives to more expensive mainstream modalities.